half a year

babe has officially reached the half year mark yesterday. hooray! the past 6 months have been marked by so much changes and milestones, i couldn’t believe time can pass that fast. i’m enjoying every minute though, and savoring all the triumphs and tantrums teehee. celebrated her “birthsary” outside our home for the first time, and even met with ninang ic and tito pat, and the ordazes. incidentally, both mischa and i are just over the moon that daddy’s supposed trip to surigao and agusan for an official travel got cancelled last friday. another bigger hurrah! i’ve been anxious about it for some time now, particularly in the light of the maguindanao killings. although the provinces he was going to visit are miles from maguindanao, i was still in an anxious state as the days led to it. what wife could gladly let her husband be away from the family for a week while going to the lion’s den? considering how volatile the political situation is in the country at the moment, you wouldn’t want to be separated from loved ones especially in traveling under the auspices of a line agency directly under the most powerful leader. couldn’t help but let out a great sigh of relief when i heard the news that it wouldn’t push through. whew! so although we’ve been having trouble putting mischa to sleep the past few days, and her developing quite a temperament, we still celebrated her 6th month with as much fun and pomp we could. i will save the fireworks, costumes, for her first year 🙂 it was also with pride that i reminisce on how far she had come ever since she came out in this world.



Began cooing and “talking”
Can lift head when on tummy


Can sleep through the night
Had first out of town trip (Subic)
Began blowing saliva


Began laughing
Began squealing
Started holding pacifier
Can support head
Began grasping things (pacifier, comforter)


Has doubled her birth weight
Sat up supported
Flipped from back to front
Had first solid food
Said mama
Began having stranger anxiety


Able to reach her toes and put them in her mouth
Began sleeping on her side
Began blowing raspberries

here we are on her special half year birthday..

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