counting the days till christmas

it’s a great feeling walking on the streets early in the morning and evening. i looooove the fresh cool air that i always hope would last the whole year long. it gives me a warm, cozy feeling that christmas is really just around the corner 🙂 as december comes in, it ushers with it a definite festive feeling. it’s akin to the feeling of sipping my favorite cup of mocha, curling up on the couch or on the bed, or watching a great movie! there’s just the feeling of utter peace and security, and makes you all fuzzy and warm inside. i am especially excited to celebrate it this year because of the presence of our little one. it’s funny how that little bundle could bring so much love and happiness in the air. i can’t wait to open all the presents (i am assuming she’ll get tons), and attend all the parties i can bring her. although i have my hands full at work, organizing activities for the celebration of the month of overseas filipinos, i look forward to buying presents for all of my inaanak and nieces and nephews, and the kids of my colleagues (i’m crossing all my fingers for spending money to come teehee). we’re also spending some time at ninong mico’s place so that he could spend some time with mischa, and seeing all her cousins on her daddy’s side so it’s gonna be one hell of a holiday. i am anticipating that this is the best one yet in my entire life!

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