a quiet christmas

as has been the custom around our house, we quietly celebrated christmas at our childhood home here in cavite. but this year, it has been especially jolly and festive because of the presence of our little one. this year topped all my christmases put together despite the fact that i got only a handful of presents. but no sweat since a lot of our friends opted to shower mischa with gifts, and her haul isn’t too bad. took her pictures by the tree before she conked out in the early evening as we expected her to. so we had our usual noche buena while she dozed off in her crib next to us. went out to mass on christmas day then brought her for the very first time to our ancestral house in cuenca, batangas. it was a bit nostalgic seeing her there in the house where my grannies raised me. it seems only yesterday when i was the one running around the house and the streets where they claim i was “like a top spinning”. i wanted to take photos much like the ones i had when i was the little one there. maybe next time.

less of a party gurl

over the christmas holidays, i was again reminded of the fact that i am not single anymore. i have foregone a couple of parties, and had chosen to stay at home instead. while there would be somebody to be with the baby, i’d rather be there beside her as she goes off to sleep. i always like just watching her sleep, from the time she starts rubbing her eyes to sucking on her pacifier to her tossing around to find the perfect position on the bed to finally settling down with that cutie little mouth slightly open in a peaceful slumber. then i especially love the part when i get to lay beside her and her daddy. everything just feels right and my heart is again at home after a long tiring day.

i allowed myself to go out a couple of times, to enjoy the company of old friends. though it was fun reminiscing over good food, my thoughts constantly go back to mischa and kept on wondering what she is doing at the moment. thank god the all-night bantering distracted me from worrying too much about her. i sooo missed my friends from my old division. many of them had gone to greener pastures but in our heyday, we were the best of ’em all. tis one of the times when you wish you could turn back time. being with them is one of the happiest of my career and social life.

i also miss going out with cheng, rino, bel, al and jerry. gone were the days where we could decide on the spot to go to dinner and hit the videoke over bottles of beer and packs of smokes. it’s only cheng and i left now, with most of them in better environments. but saddled with kids, the two of us can’t go out as much as we used to. we just have to content ourselves with short, hushed conversations whenever we could squeeze in a few minutes to catch up on each other’s lives.

i guess this is part of growing up. you win some, you let go of some.

i just miss being a party girl. other times, i’m glad i’m over that stage.

i wish sometimes other people would grow up too. it’s my fondest hope that they go on with life, and stop being “party girls” when they know they shouldn’t be anymore. i know we mature at different paces. i know not everybody will choose the life i lead. but i also know that there is a time to let go, of the past, of the rotten, of the broken.


on separate occasions, mischa had informal pictorials with tito sam and tito frenz. people just love taking her pictures. she’s getting the hang of smiling and posing, and is starting to take to the camera, especially the SLRs. she doesn’t smile as much with mommy’s point-and-shoot. teehee. takes a while to warm her up but when that beautiful, infectious, gummy smile appears, we’re all goners 🙂

tito sam’s, while in her jammies:

tito frenz’, before the office christmas party:

first public transpo ride

our second day staying at bro’s condo last sunday, hubby and i braved the streets of quezon city with mischa in tow. of course, we are so used to taking public transpo but this is the first time we brought mischa along. there was always the fear of her catching various nameless germs around but nonetheless, we wanted to go to the mall and we didn’t want to get too dependent on other people driving us around so there. it was uneventful and we took pictures to show for it. here’s one:

a new mico

time flies when you’re having fun. has it been a whole week already? we’re going home again to cavite after an eventful week at tito ninong’s place. twas a week of fun and more importantly, of discoveries especially with my lil bro. who would have thought that he could wake up at 6:30 in the morning as hubby and i left for work, and turn over the reins of babysitting to him. this is a person who thinks the day starts at 11 am. he took care of bathing, feeding and basically entertaining his niece cum inaanak. i wonder if he’s ready for his own kid? 🙂 only time will tell. right now, he just has little mischa to spoil. can’t wait to see you this christmas tito ninong!

chubby chic

I’ve begun to take seriously my weight gain when I realize that I make a beeline for the blacks and purples whenever I enter a boutique. Hmmm this is not great. I have always been on the “chubby” side even before my pregnancy. I have not been called skinny ever since I stepped into high school. But things were getting out of hand when alarm bells start to tick off in my head in the last couple of weeks. People keep on asking me if I was pregnant again! What the! Good lord! I am far from being obese so thank you very much for being the kind and tactful people I know, and for reminding me that I look great…

So know I have to put this on top of my priority list. It’s not helping that it’s the Christmas season. How can I keep my eating habits in check? It’s not as if I gobble everything down like a seasoned PG, and eats like there’s no tomorrow. But still, I am not one to be conscious of what I eat. I love to eat! I savor food. I look forward to the Christmas hams that I will be having since they only appear once a year.

So what now? Gym? Diet? Slimming tea? Slimming pills? Plastic surgery? (as if…) DVD workouts?

Can someone just please whip a magic wand around here?