coming home to a happy baby

i came home tired from a long and arduous day at the office to find my babe smiling up at me with that adorable toothless grin, and immediately all the shitty stuff drained my body. sigh! what a way to end the day. it’s very, very seldom that she is awake when we get here round 8sh. now i know when people tell me the phrase nakakawala ng pagod ang anak 🙂 how very true and fitting. she was actually beside herself with glee, and was continuously squealing so that i or her dad will pick her up. she was arching her back (and butt), and i wanted to pick her up if only i weren’t filthy from all the urban dirt clinging to my clothes and body from spending a day on the streets. she was really really happy to see us. it made my heart leap a mile! what a perfect way to end my day. no matter how bad it was, nothing mattered except that wide smile that has me wrapped around mischa’s finger from day one. she just siphons all the worries and tiredness away. it’s so good climb into bed and letting her fall into a dreamy slumber. so great to be a mommy. i would forever brave jerks and assholes at work so that i could count the hours and minutes when i could be with you again my sweet.

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