movie catch-up

thank god for our laptop, we’re going to do some catch up movie “dates” this weekend. yay! i know, i know, it’s piracy! but it’s available so why not take advantage of it? we didn’t have much time and opportunity since late last year. i’ve got a nice line up of what we’ve missed, and hopefully we can actually sit down and see them. last sunday we got to watch harry potter and the half-blood prince which i have been dying to see since forever. on my list for saturday:

1. the curious case of benjamin button
2. 500 days of summer
3. the dark knight
4. angels and demons
5. mamma mia
6. sex and the city
7. transformers: revenge of the fallen

i wonder what else is interesting? the last thing i got to watch was x-men origins: wolverine, and it feels like ages ago.

incidentally, online friends’ discussion today revolve around dating the hubby. many expressed concern on not being able to go out on dates after getting hitched, more so when baby comes around. i always know that this is really important to keep the flame alive. though we know this really poses a challenge, what with juggling work, playing mommy, being queen of the household, and being wifey. being a dad is very very different from being a mom. while at this stage, i couldn’t (or wouldn’t) afford to leave mischa if i have free time. i want to devote all these for her at her young age. ask me again after a year 🙂 for now, we have to be content with doing the small stuff as long as the three of us are together, like going to church or enjoying a day at the mall, or being at home playing 🙂

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