stranger anxiety

this weekend (twas a long one for me as i was off work friday because of tummy aches), she celebrated her fifth month, and ran a gamut of tricks that made mommy both clap her hands in glee, and almost cry out with her.




in particular, i really liked it when she continually reaches her toes then made some kind of rolling motion. she also now loves to sleep on her side but always gets cranky when she wakes up with i guess, a numb side and arm.


last saturday, we had a pedia visit and she got 5-in-1 shots for DPT, HPV and OPV, and she cried for just about a minute. i think it was just the shock of the needle more than the itsy bitsy pain. she’s a big girl now! then we visited her cousin joakeen, and they look so cute together.



we then went to our house in taytay albeit only for a few hours. picked up some stuff and tied up some loose ends like the car. my mischa had a bad case of stranger anxiety! nanay, my brother in law’s mother, who used to take care of her before, came to her and made her cry real bad! this she did the whole time we were there. i really felt for mischa because she had continuous tears in her eyes. tsk tsk, she needs to socialize more. she feels secure and smiles at strangers only when mommy and daddy are around.

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