being sickly

home sick today. yesterday was quite the uncomfy because of stomach spams almost as soon as i stepped into the office around 8ish. persisted all day long and was not eased by popping a buscopan tablet nor having a hot, soothing tea. went to a public hospital in the early afternoon to no avail. they wanted me to have an abdominal ultrasound but couldn’t because i have lunchful of stomach. went to a private clinic where they did a urinalysis and cbc, and found out i had UTI. the doctor gave me four different kinds of medicine to cure and remove the pain. sigh! so now i had to sit the day out and wait for the magic of the drugs to take effect. well, it’s not like i’m missing anything good at the office. it’s a blessed relief to stay at home and spend the day with mischa as she hit the 5th month mark! hooray!

nonetheless, it’s made me think how sickly i’ve become over the course of several months. in the past year, i’ve had had the pleasure of:

1. experiencing my first episode of uti
2. bleeding/spotting twice while pregnant
3. having an asthma attack
4. erupting in pregnancy-related allergies
5. twisting my arm in some weird way that i couldn’t move my wrist for weeks, which turned out to be de quervain’s disease
6. of course, getting cut up to bring mischa out into the world (which i love by the way)

these had all taking me a whole gamut of prescription that i think has made me a little crazier than usual, especially the anesthesia. i don’t like being sick. i don’t like being weak.

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