bebe is eating!

my bebe is now onto solids yay! finally bought a bowl and rubber tipped spoons, and gave her her first taste of “real food”. i am one proud momma. i savored every part from preparing the cerelac, making her open her mouth and giving the food, to cleaning up. since then, i’ve been waking up earlier than usual to give me and hubby some lead time so that we can give her “breakfast”. i want to be the one to do this for her, and am not ready to pass on the task to anybody yet. as i’ve said before, i will not pass up the chance for quality time, and i’d rather be late if it means spending another minute with mischa 🙂






raising a reader

DSC04030books have been part of my life as far as i could remember. i’ve wanted to devour every book i could lay my hands unto. i have always been fascinated by the colorful worlds i travel on and got lost into whenever i lie down with a book propped on my chest. modesty aside, i know that i can thank my love of reading for the way i can speak and write. i remember in grade school and high school when i would save every penny i have just so i could buy the latest in the sweet valley series. i progressed on the judy blume, nancy drew, sweet dreams, danielle steele, sidney sheldon, etc. series. i’ve progressed on to further things since then. (but i will always remain a harry potter fan). now i want to pass on to mischa my fondness and special affinity for books. i want her to grow up loving them the way that i do. i want her to experience the joy whenever she enters another realm just at the tip of her fingers. in this age of digital whatnots, PSPs, ipods, internet gaming, etc., i still want her to get the feel of losing oneself amid the pages of a good book. i don’t know how to describe it but i just get this feeling that you socially develop differently when you are not holding something electronic to keep yourself amused. i personally have really slacked off in the last couple of months (hmmm maybe even the past year) what with doing wedding preps then baby preps then giving birth then baptism reception then… well, you get the drift… been too busy for my beloved books. although following mischa’s birth, and wanting her to get the hang of reading, i’ve started reading to her books that I’ve requested from her indulgent titos and titas, and books mommy and daddy bought. i know that it will help her develop mentally because she gets to hear words and sounds. she learns to listen well, and hopefully will also master speaking well (with the proper diction of course!). i know she enjoys my reading to her by the rapt attention she bestows on me every time we open a book together.

i especially like reading these to her:

i love u all the time

goodnight moon

love u forever

october updates

been on a short hiatus lately because of lack of resources and whatnots. tis too bad because a lot has happened since my last post. among them:

😦 ondoy and pepeng have strucked for three weeks. the devastation is beyond words. our family almost had a double whammy when floods entered the inside of our house in taytay, and hubby’s family experienced the same in the province in cagayan. i could not cram all the things and stories tumbling through my mind for the past weeks. the good thing is, we’re all safe, and our things are intact. but the image of water rushing to our street and hubby almost running for his life are forever etched in my mind. all i could remember that time was me snatching mischa from the crib and running up the stairs. but that god it was all we had to endure. others lost lives, properties. some went hungry for days and had to “live” on roofs while we were safe and dry. thank you lord!

🙂 my auntie cynthia is here from japan.

🙂 mischa celebrated her fourth birthsary. hooray! she’s about to start solid foods although the mother in me is actually having second thoughts despite the excitement that she’s about to reach another milestone. babycenter recommends starting on solids at age 6 months. hmmm, will think about it for a few more days. plus we forgot all her plates and utensils at home. she’s just started trying to flip herself and my poor baby is having a hard time at it because she’s a little on the heavy side. (pedia actually said she’s kinds overweight). she’s really grown a lot.

🙂 mischa’s been to the mall. yay!

😦 got rid of two yayas. i’m starting to wonder what’s with us and helpers. we’ve really got this problem out of control as we could not seem to keep one and get someone matino. the second to the last one went berserk at the height of ondoy plus had issues with our companion at home. we also bid the last one goodbye after we found out she smokes. darn! how are we supposed to be on our own when we can’t leave mischa while we go to work?

🙂 applied to a large multinational humanitarian organization. am keeping my fingers crossed.

🙂 had a breather at work. as in wheeeeeeeeeeew! i hope this one lasts for a while.

🙂 my good friend kahlil got married. at last! congratulations dude. and bee-have!

mischa’s latest: