mini depression mode

i am sort of sinking into mini-depression mode when i learned that some people in our management (who have nothing better to do) will again be monitoring our internet usage, and recommending the immediate ban of some popular networking sites, in particular facebook and all its applications. admittedly, these may cause some time off from employees in the conduct of their official work and may even clog up/slow down the internet connection. but what the fuck, don’t people have better things to do than spy on which freaking sites other people visit? isn’t this some kind of voyeurism, much like the anti-wiretapping law? i feel strongly about this because being online is the only thing that keeps me going these days when i am so unhappy at work. for some time now, i have been having issues since i have not been given significant assisgnments, and i was kicked out of my comfort zone. i feel like this is something personal because of things that happened a long time ago that have nothing to do with work, but has been a constant battle of wills. it’s just my bad that i am not in the better position. power really does get in your head after you’ve had a taste of it. i know i shouldn’t be in this gloomy mode especially today since hubby is celebrating his 27th. but IMO it doesn’t really matter what you do with your time as long as you produce the output that’s expected of you on your deadline. isn’t that our goal in the organization? now i feel really strange and kind of down because i couldn’t surf the net as much as i would like to, or keep up with friends on facebook, or use applications to my heart’s content. i know it seems so shallow but i hate the underlying reason of some to detect the every move of every person. they think they can wield personal control over their subordinates. instead of accomplishing their own tasks, some would have to readjust their work schedule to put in hours to look at our computers’ activities. it’s just sooo…evil. whatever happened to privacy.

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