back to home base

in less than a month, we again packed and unpacked our stuff. these are mostly mischa’s stuff, which for the love of God, i couldn’t quite figure how a creature that small could need that much paraphernalia. her things made up more than half of what we usually need to transport since we’ve been going back and forth from my parents’ house to ours. anyway, mischa didn’t seem to notice any difference which place we stay at anyway. only mommy and daddy seem to be extra happy now that we could breathe a little bit because we are now on our own again, which means we got to call all the shots. of course, this spells more expenses since we pay again on our way (my folks refuse to accept money for bills) and markets food for the household even though we do buy stuff for the house. i know we give up a lot everytime we go home but needless to say, the independence, especially when it comes to rearing mischa, gives me more comfort. plus i didn’t get hitched and had a child only to stay under the skirt of my mother 🙂 i know mama would again be in buckets of tears as soon as they leave us, especially mischa. but we have to live our own life and we (my brother and i) have already left the nest long before. i know she still hasn’t really gotten used to this, and has been compounded of course by the newest addition to the family.

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