wednesday thoughts

it’s such a gloomy day today. we’re being beaten by horrendous rainpour since the weekend. it was nice and cozy then, being bundled up between sheets with your lovey and baby around you. then reality struck, and had to get back to work, forcing me and hubby to face a gloomy and wet week ahead. yesterday, hubby and i went home drenched to the bone.

9mischa had been especially lovable with all her antics, squeals, laughs, endless kiddie babbles and can now sit without toppling over, which made leaving her doubly hard. i wish i could stay with her all day and night and watch her as milestone after milestone unfolds. she just celebrated her third month in this world, and as a proud momma, i must say, i couldn’t find a finer baby in this world 🙂 i think she’s really ahead of her class of 3-month olds. on her last check-up last saturday, she gained another 1.1 kgs., a far cry from the normal 600 grams that babies should gain every month after they’re born. although, i was earlier afraid that she’s going to start down the obese road the way she gulps down her milk. but i think we have that under control due to my persistence with family and caregivers not to give her more than what she needs. as i kept on saying, much to the chagrin of others who couldn’t stand seeing and hearing her cry and insists on putting a milk bottle into her mouth as soon as she starts bawling, crying doesn’t spell hunger. as mischa has proved to have an attitude this early (which i hope doesn’t last into childhood and later into adulthood), she has various needs and moods that come with her crying. most of the time, she demands to be picked up, carried or talked to. she’s quite the attention-getter. but who couldn’t resist, with her chinky eyes and wide wide smile. but while we want to shower her all the attention she wants, we must give her just the ample amount of love and care lest she learns to think that she can get away with anything she wants.

she also got her second shot of the hepa-b vaccine, which is among the long series of immunizations she needs. as was usual, she bellowed at the top of her lungs as soon as the needle went in. thank god, she was in the middle of finishing up a bottle, and continued as though nothing interrupted her feeding after crying for about five seconds. the pediatrician told us to ready ourselves with the next shot, as this will prove to be the most expensive yet (P5,000 for 1 shot, out of 3). oh well, a parent has to ensure safety and health above all things. thereafter, she’s only getting booster shots for all the other vaccines she’s already had anyhow. and we save up a lot on doctor’s fees because of the nice pediatrician we have.

on a more hopeful note, help is now on its way. yay! this area of motherhood/housekeeping has been giving me headaches ever since mischa was born. as both hubby and i are working, we need a helper/all-around maid/semi-nanny to do the chores at home and take care of the baby. the latter is secondary as somebody looks after her anyway. the last one we had, whom i had no choice but to live with despite all the palpak she has done at home, suddenly went home a month after we spent for her fare from the bicol province. somehow i felt shortchanged as we have not really made bawi on what we have shelled out, including, i suspect a finder’s fee for the person who recruited her. then the temporary help we hired who has to come in only in the mornings to do the laundry, the dishes and bathing mischa, goes as she please. despite our arrangement, she comes in anytime she wants. we hired her only because she occasionally does the ironing before in our house when i was still single. she’s an unemployed mother with five children and a number of grandchildren who lives near my aunt. so i really couldn’t understand how she couldn’t make true to her word and show herself up to do 4 hours of work. i couldn’t really understand this of some urban poor people when they have employment dangling over their heads and yet could not seem to put their heart into it when the alternative is hunger and less consumption power. i am not being overbearing or proud, but i keep on thinking how we, regular employees, can come on time to our work because we know it’s part of the terms and conditions of our employment. how come some people could not do the same? and to think their need is greater than ours. why can’t they love their work? or at least give importance to it when it feeds mouths. and many keep on complaining of poverty…

why is it so hard to get good help nowadays?

anyhow, i should not dwell on that much longer, as mama-in-law is coming to manila over the weekend bringing with her a new yaya! i hope and pray to God with all my heart that this will be a super duper bigger improvement. again, since we are desperate, we hired her as soon as we heard news of her availability. her ways at home is still suspect of course, pending reviews of yours truly. we could only expect as much from a 50-something widow from the barrio. as long as mischa is safe, we’ll have to do with her. we couldn’t afford to stay any longer at my folks’ home. am also going crazy with worry leaving her everyday. so i’m just staying positive for now that things will be better with the new help.

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