baptism supplier ratings

had only a couple of weeks to prepare for mischa’s baptism. yeah i know i slacked off. but i think i managed to pull it off magnificently despite cramming in the last few days leading to the date. thanks to my wonderful suppliers. i think everybody did a good job. more than anything else, i think if i dedicated more time to it like when i did for our wedding, everything would have been a lot better. but can’t complain now. maybe i’ll make it up to mischa on her first birthday. whoops, mind running faster than time and effort would allow. so here they are, with some background stories:

5 – Exceptional
4 – Very Good
3 – Okay
2 – Needs Improvement

Contact: 631-5734
Rating: 5

what can i say? edsa shrine is edsa shrine 🙂 very easy to talk to at the onset of the preparations. had to reserve for a slot a month before the intended date then attend the seminar for parents during one saturday. just had to submit mischa’s birth certificate and our marriage contract. no glitches, no fuss.

5376_136651831304_713066304_2532527_5508623_nthe baptistry is off the main church. it was real nice and cozy and i looooove the fountain where the priest gets the water to pour over the babies’ heads. the sort of alcove is on the other side of the altar, away from the pews where the visitors can settle on. bright sunlight goes through a covered ceiling, letting you take a glimpse of the skies above and making you feel like jesus on his baptism. gosh, really had goosebumps during the whole ceremony. you can almost feel the skies opening up and the dove coming down on you (or it’s just me and my very vivid imagination). really, it was worth the while. the downside though, is that two other families were there with us and with all of entourage of the three groups, we were all rubbing elbows against our wills. maybe the church can only assign one baptism per session to avoid that overcrowding. i know it’s free but still…

Contact: Joy Elpa 0922-8147341 / 910-6361
Rating: 3

we chanced upon the prestige tower from one of our friends whose niece had her 1st birthday party here. we loved the place when we did an ocular inspection of it in the first week of august. the ambiance seemed good compared to if we would be having the reception in a commercial restaurant such as max’s or kenny rogers or something else of this caliber. hubby wanted to hold it in robinson’s galleria across the street but upon visiting the store, we were told that they would renovating and that the dates covered mischa’s day of baptism. so we got interested in the prestige tower although one main concern are how visitors will commute from the church to there as about three blocks separates them. but i convinced hubby that, as this is our event, and we are inviting only important people in our and mischa’s lives, i think they would be more than willing to do the 5-minute travel.

ms. joy, our contact, was genial enough to entertain us throughout the pre-baptismal preparation. we had our food taste in the kitchen, which turned out okay enough except that some flies were coming in. but she promised none of these during the reception itself. the food anyway was delicious but there weren’t any choice as we chose the package with the lowest rate. we made the downpayment then and there.

i was just a little disappointed with the over-all look and set-up of the place. we took advantage of the flower centerpieces they offered so that it took some weight off our budgeting but i wished i did not. the flowers were wilting as though they were used in past events. we were trying to save up on expenses and ended up with the “sad” look of the flowers. the lighting was good though. it was soft and mellow, just enough for a quiet lunch. good thing we decided on balloon decors to spruce up the place.

which brings me to the next supplier..

Balloon decor: PARTYMAKERS
Contact: Maricris Ducosin 0915-9668123
Rating: 4

i like the simple design maricris made for us. she’s also very easy to talk to and replies even at midnight (hihi). she’s not very machika but got the job done right.

special thanks goes to ninang liezl for sponsoring the balloons.

DSC04058 DSC04061 DSC_1356c

Contact: Gel Colet 0915-8892176
Rating: 4

DSC_1374ccredit goes to ninong tito mico for the cake. gel is an old friend of his from abs-cbn who has since delved into baking and pastry. i remember that we talked to her before about getting the cake for our wedding from her. as it goes, it didn’t push through because the wedding cake was included in the package of the caterer. so we got my firstborn’s baptismal cake from her instead. it was okay. i was expecting a different design and mico was expecting something bigger. wehehehe. we didn’t get to serve this though so we gave neighbors whom we weren’t able to invite some slices of it. it was a little bit sweetish for me, but what can you expect from gum paste? the three layers had different flavors–butter on top, chocolate in the middle and choco marble at the bottom. i love the colors, not the usual pink and yellow stuff for baby girls. and the baby covered in a blankie on top and the booties on the bottom layer were so cutesy. i just wished she pushed through with the baby blocks she promised mico.

Party favors: MY POWDER BLUE

Contact: Mayer Nepomuceno
Rating: 4

our favors of water tumblers with mischa’s pictures were so cute, if i say so myself. i didn’t get to take a picture of it although this is the soft copy of the design made by the company. tumbler design all of our transactions were done through e-mail. i was apprehensive at first about doing stuff like this for fear of being duped. but i’m getting the hang of it. they delivered the tumblers the same day. talk about fast and convenient!

Souvenirs for sponsors: FAVORS N’ FLAVORS
Contact: Michelle Chan 0917-9242995
Rating: 5

IMG_9817first off, i would like to say that we immediately hit it off the moment we started texting about her chocolates. met her through the n@w yahoogroups and she was really really easy to talk to. we got her wonderful pram chocolates as souvenirs for the ninongs and ninangs. if it weren’t too expensive i would have gotten everyone else’s favors from her 🙂 met her to get the products and i must say, her products showed the care and attention she has devoted to her craft. even after she has delivered the chocholates, we continued communicating like old pals, talking about our lives, our families and children. i hope to get her again in the future because i like the way she works and deals with her clients.

Contact: Manny Bueta 0921-6133265
Rating: 3

Design by ninong troy 🙂


other acknowledgments:

invitation design: ninang bel all the way from dubai

photography: tito sam and tito frenz

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