back to where we started

after a few frantic calls to both sets of grandparents, we temporarily packed our bags quite haphazardly and left homebase. hopefully not for long. i have adjusted magnificently being the matriarch (aren’t i too young for this?) of the house. now we come running back to cavite because of the yaya i was griping about a few posts back. goodness knows if we can find a better replacement. yaya-hunting has never been this hard. let me correct that: i meant, good yaya-hunting. this has been becoming a ubiquitous problem of wives and mothers–finding someone hardworking whom you can trust your children with. while i am glad and uber relieved our helper is gone, i would have chosen to be readier and not left with no one to do housework while nanay ancing looks after mischa. but what can i do? the yaya sprung this on us after sunday lunch and completely took us by surprise when she asked permission to go home to the province straightaway because of her ailing daughter. sigh! and i thought we were spending quiet and alone time at home just lazing around. instead we were packing our bags together with mischa’s entire possessions.

we’re now back to where we started with mischa. i’ve become more apprehensive each time i had to leave the house. i know my folks only have mischa’s best interests at heart but we’ve been clashing since day 1 about how to best take care of her. not that i don’t trust them but they have about as much experience with child care as i did. and i’m running on mother’s instincts to pull me through (and i feel i’m doing a very good job thank you very much), which my own mother didn’t exercise much since she didn’t bring us up hands on and relied on other people to do it. i see the awkwardness in the way she holds mischa, and it often manifests itself by the baby crying everytime she’s carried by grandma.

more of my household problems..

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