blast from the past

part of our wedding video is a sort of flashback during our childhood. we were asked by our photographer/videographer to submit baby or childhood pictures. we had a laugh when we saw our pictures and how we looked back then. i decided to post those photos here to remind me of how skinny i once was (lol).

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i couldn’t say i had a happy childhood, nor was it sad. there must have been happy times of course. i remember bits and pieces of my spending my infancy and early childhood in our house in batangas under the care of my grandparents. writing this post made me think of me and miss them that i got teary eyed because i know that they would be proud and happy to see where i am now. anyhow, those were really memorable times. when i finally was reunited with my parents for good, i was sort of out of place because of little brother mico. he was mama’s favorite of course, and dad was already away in saudi. then i got a little traumatized during my elementary years because i was sort of bullied by older students because of my height and high forehead. i was sickly and i was always perspiring, making my hair stick to my neck. anyway, i got over that in high school, and even bloomed in college. i gained so much self confidence when i began working. so there.

i hope my mischa would have more fun and happier childhood memories than i did. i’ll make sure of it.

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