next stop: baptism

couldn’t wait to have mischa along with us in places we frequent. i want to bring her to church, to the mall, to lolo and lola’s, to the office where her titos and titas want to pinch her cheeks because they say she’s so adorable. her trips outside the house involve only visits to the pediatrician. she has yet to see the real “outside world”. but before then, we have to place her formally in God’s loving hands. although i know that the Lord has been watching her ever since her she came into being.

shrinewe are now making preparations for her big day on the 22nd. we have limited time for this, unlike our wedding. nevertheless, we want her to have the best celebration so that when she is able to look at her pictures in the future, she will be proud of the day she became a member of God’s family. she will be blessed at the infamous edsa shrine. contrary to popular belief, this is not actually sosy since baptisms held at this church are free of charge. they just request from a “donation”, the amount of which depends really on the parents. our reason for choosing this particular house of God is fairly straightforward: the ortigas area is near our place in taytay (where we can’t find the churches!), and is accessible to most of our relatives and friends as they are scattered around the metropolis.

her invitation looks like this:

her ninongs and ninangs, chosen by mommy and daddy because of their close ties with them are:

Ninang June (mommy’s childhood friend from st. paul)
Ninang IC (mommy’s friend from work)
Ninang Allen (mommy’s friend from work)
Ninang Chy (daddy’s friend from college)
Ninang Joan (daddy’s friend from college)
Ninang Bel (mommy and daddy’s friend from work-the bridge between mommy and daddy :)) – to be proxied by Tita Cheng
Ninang Joy (daddy’s cousin)
Ninang Liezl (mommy’s friend from work) – to be proxied by Tita Rochelle

Tito Ninong Mico (mischa’s uncle, mommy’s brother)
Ninong Rino (mommy’s friend from work)
Ninong Norman (daddy’s friend from college)
Ninong Ace (daddy’s friend from law school)
Ninong Jerome (daddy’s friend from college)
Ninong Warner (another bridge between mommy and daddy :))
Ninong Troy (daddy’s friend from work)
Ninong Elmar (daddy’s friend from college)

celebration will continue at the roofdeck of the prestige tower in emerald ave. hubby and i did a food taste after our baptism seminar at the shrine a couple of weekends ago. while we had tasted better, this would do.

cake and favors to be finalized this week…

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