jerome’s wedding

hubby and i attended the wedding of one of his college friends last saturday. it was actually the first event we’ve attended since i gave birth. as we don’t have our car yet, dolling up full blast just seems silly. and we couldn’t afford to go on shopping sprees just yet. and so, with my post-pregnancy bulge, off we went in my blue dress and pretty shoes on a cab. we met with joan (the groom’s ex-girlfriend teeheehee) and got to the our lady of hope parish in quezon city where we again met up with another friend, chy. afterwards, we trooped to the aberdeen court for the reception for the luncheon.


as always, we celebrated love and friendship. every wedding is the same: family and close friends gather and take time to embrace the couple and ask for best wishes and blessings to come to them and the family they are starting. i wish we could do ours over and over again 🙂

i loved what the mother of the groom said. in her speech, she told the audience that she has fulfilled one of her greatest accomplishments in life, and that is to pass on the torch of life. this simply means that she feels secure that her son has come into his own. that she can leave this world without worries that her child will not survive because she has raised him well. this is now my challenge, to pass on the torch of life. as a mother, i know i must equip my daughter with the proper tools to enable her to survive. she must learn, through my guidance and care, to live her life and to live it well. not by us mollycoddling her, but by showing her how we live ours and being good examples, and helping her realize her own potentials and abilities.

after the celebration, we were rushing to get back home to mischa. i guess this is the way it goes from now on. i don’t mind though. i’d rather spend time with my family than anywhere else. i miss my baby every second i am away from her. coffees and catching up with friends can wait..

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