farewell tita cory

imagesaugust 1 dawned a sad day for the filipino nation. the skies opened, and tears fell from the heavens to mourn with a country grieving for a defeated former leader. although quite expected, many people still woke up in shock upon hearing the news of her death. felled by sickness, corazon aquino remained strong and with her dignity intact. she succumbed to death after a yearlong battle with cancer. just as she did in ’86 when she courageously stood up to ferdinand marcos, she again united a country so fraught with problems and riddled with wars at its leadership helm. in the months prior to her death, the nation prayed as one for her recovery.

today, i watched alongside my colleagues, as her hearse made its way to the manila cathedral. i felt goosebumps as i stood there on the sixth floor ledge of our office building. below us were throngs of people waiting as well, and hoping to catch a glimpse of the convoy. how it must have really meant for the aquino and cojuangco families. despite the sadness they are feeling at the moment, they must have been overwhelmed by the show of love, gratitude and reverence to tita cory. i was little when ninoy aquino died and was in my grade school days when tita cory came into office. all i can remember of her and her administration was that we had many days off from school because of the coup d’etat attacks every few days or months or so. but now i can realize how much she has done for the nation for her to garner this outpouring of grief and support to her family upon her demise. she has done well and good despite her minimal experience in public service. she was always unassuming in her ways, never seeking publicity into which she was abruptly thrusted into following her husband’s death. but she always saw to it that she did good. nobody can say bad things about her. i wonder if present government leaders would receive the same accolade she did today. she was an icon of truth, democracy, peace and service. she was a woman of passion, of courage, of love.

cory must be happy knowing she will be reunited with the love of her life now. it was said that the family knew it was time because she was already seeing ninoy. she must be smiling down on the people she considers her children as she leaves this world with the love of the people she has served embracing her and the family she has left behind.

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