baby mischa

after a short hiatus, i temporarily left the shelter of our house and unwillingly left mischa in the care of mama and the new nanny. when i went out early this morning, it almost felt like i was going back to the world. yeah, a month after giving birth, this is the first time that i left my baby daughter for quite a span of time. although i have gone to check ups in the last month, i was only away for a couple of hours. it tore at my heart to see her sleeping peacefully and leave her side.

what better way to revive my blog than to post photos of the newest sensation in town :). i might (or not) post a detailed story of my birthing, or rather mischa’s birthing. there’s nothing to it really. i was in la-la land for about 30 minutes while the anesthesia was infused in my system.

in the meantime, i proudly present my adorable and beautiful daughter, mischa adrienne del rosario apattad, born June 6, 2009 at 10:31 a.m. via c-section. she was 7.26 lbs and 44 cm long, so unlike her short mom but as pretty (nyahaha). my first thought when i saw her was, whoa, there’s a lot of hair! these pictures were taken during her first week in this world.