respect for older people

what the hell is wrong with some older people? i do not mean any disrespect. like any other filipino, i was brought up to value my elders, and give them due respect, starting from pagmamano to punctuating sentences with po and opo. i was brought up by my grandparents and they are as old-fashioned as can be.

but awhile ago, my patience for some old people was really tested. yes, most of them can annoying at times. but then it’s hardly an excuse to ruin your day.

and then someone set fire to me. i was seething with anger and frustration over a seemingly mundane thing that got out of hand because a freaking supervisor thought she was being bypassed over something i did and felt that the respect due to her was waylaid. WTF! i was in shock for half an hour before it hit me that she berated me like a child, instead of a professional. she wasn’t even my boss for crying out loud. i began shaking and eventually bawling and gasping for breath in my pregnant state. i never used my condition ever to have things my way (except with my husband of course), or to demand special treatment. but the way she was going on and on, and ranting about she got humiliated, she might have forgotten that she was upsetting a nine-month old woman about to give birth any day now. and the thing was, she even got her facts wrong, lying just so she could prove her point. she insinuated things, and brought up issues that weren’t even related to the point at hand, referring to my position as a union officer (my term ended 3 years ago). she’s been like this for the past year ever since i went out with hubby whom she considers her “baby”. i mean, come on, you’re not even his mother, freak. you’re nothing. she’s been trying to do me in since then. and then she found this, and turned it to a real circus in the office. she thinks just because she’s older that her word is law, say anything she wants, get away with it, and apologize if people complain. she deems it only appropriate that ought to respect her. sadly, i am only one of few who stand up to her (maybe a reason she doesn’t like me that much). i just couldn’t stand seeing people being bullied and pushed around especially when we don’t deserve it.


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