celebrating my 30th

this is the quietest, i think, that i ever celebrated my birthday. i would have thought i would celebrate with a bang. my last two celebrations were spent with good friends, having good food and belting our favorite songs on the videoke at mico’s BlueWithoutU at esquinita over at sgt. esguerra. and this is the first birthday that either michael and i will be celebrating together as a married couple. but don’t get me wrong, i have no complaints here. i have long realized that i don’t own my life anymore. ever since two lines appeared on the home pregnancy kits i bought over seven months ago, i knew somebody else has taken centerstage. but i don’t miss the parties nor the drinking sessions. also, what i will spend for these, i would gladly save up for things that my baby will need in a few weeks’ time. maybe i’ve changed a lot in the last year (hopefully for the better). now, i am happy just being at home with my very loving husband (still waiting for your gift dad though :)), my family and mischa inside me. since my mom and i have back-to-back birthdays, we just had a quiet dinner of pancit, adobo, and some sweets. i’ve never felt more contented and peaceful. happy birthday to me!!! 30th cake

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