lebron james is mvp!

lebron2hurray for king james! despite his young age and relatively short career in the nba (just 5 years pro), he truly deserves the award for his basketball savvy and hardworking manner (click here for statistics for this season). it doesn’t hurt also that he can bring the house down and bring the fans up on their feet with his slamdunking and acrobatic shots. i have rarely seen a man this big move that fast and with such suave. and he’s not bad looking either. :p i have not been able to follow too much basketball lately. but boy, was i glad to hear of the good news that he was named MVP for the 2008-09 season, and that the cleveland cavaliers has swept the first round, discarding the detroit pistons. i’ve been such a fan of james for the way he has risen to the top from his high school days where he had been predicted for greatness. he was destined to be “the one” after his airness, michael jordan (whom i am also a biggie fan). james has led this team to records-highs for the past coupla seasons like a true veteran. single-handedly, he can carry the team but his selflessness also makes the whole gang perform like a well-oiled machine because of his leadership skills.lbj1

maybe i can convince hubby to name a son after him.

i hope the cavs make it this time. now, it’s on to atlanta then hopefully the winner of the orlando and boston tiff, and finally of course, the west conference champ for the nba finals. thank god i’m on maternity leave for most of the post-season that i can savor the nba again 🙂

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