the new love of my life

the new love of my life at 33 weeks. sometimes i still couldn’t believe how we could have created something this special. i guess, one would always marvel at how life comes into being no matter how many times you see it. thank god for 3D/4D technology that we are able to see baby even when she hasn’t gone out yet at this time, and made her presence felt in this world.
we had a really hard time trying to get her to cooperate. she’s not like mommy and daddy who love to get their pictures taken 🙂 she would always drape her arms, sometimes her foot over her face when the kind doctor would put the transducer over mom’s tummy. thank god for their patience and gentle coaxing. it took us several trips to the In My Womb ultrasound center to get baby’s facial images. even then, shots weren’t very clear. but it was definitely worth it. words couldn’t describe how we felt when we saw baby for the first time. sigh! it was love at first sight. i have had several scans throughout my pregnancy and i’ve seen a lot of her movements from the first heartbeat to her boxing stances to her swallowing fluids. but seeing her outline made my heart leap by miles. i am sooo excited and could hardly contain myself! i can’t wait to see and hold her, to touch that nose, eyes and lips!! i have imagined and daydreamed about her for the last 9 months, and in a couple of weeks’ time, she’ll really be here nestled in the crook of my arms.

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