shopping for the little one

we met my parents for lunch after the ultrasound confirming baby’s gender. so excited were they for their first “apo”, that they eagerly bought baby’s first major gadget or equipment — her graco pack n’ play playard, complete with mattress, changing table, side nettings, mobile, etc. they wanted me to buy her clothes and stuff but hubby and i thought it best to wait a while longer.

as if i can wait much longer. the following week, aware of a big sale in one of the SM malls in our area, i dragged hubby to go shopping. he dutifully but reluctantly came with me. i thought i would have to drag his feet and told myself that i would be really quick in picking up items for our daughter. after all, considering it was our first shopping trip for her, how hard and long can it take for me to choose the basics? i already have a list of essentials, which i thankfully picked up from, a site which i found really helpful. and so, i promised myself that i would not be my usual window-shopper self, and go and look directly for the things that we needed. but after 30 minutes of browsing and scrutinizing those tiny baby items, i was delightedly surprised with the enthusiasm hubby showed in getting baby’s things. i saw it in his eyes and knew he was hooked! i had to stop him every now and then from putting too much stuff in our shopping basket. we agreed not to buy too much clothes since baby would outgrow them right away, and chances are, many titos and titas would lovingly give her presents when she’s born. also, there was some nagging thought at the back of our heads that the ultrasound might be wrong, and it could a boy (dream on michael!). but of course, i couldn’t help myself from getting those irresistible pinks and yellows and throwing them in for good measure. but mostly, we settled for a lot of whites especially on the clothes. they have a nice, crisp look to them.

so we went home with our arms loaded with bags of side-tie shirts, booties, socks, caps, mittens, overalls, rompers, pajamas, wash cloths, and diaper cloths. yes, i am really planning on baby being cloth-diapered. at least in the mornings. i read up a lot of this stuff on the net, and feel like we could do it. for how long, i really don’t know. i just want to try my hand on this. plus there’s immeasurable help we could be to our environment. while i don’t see myself being a fanatic advocate of environmental rights, it would be great if we could do our little share not to add to our overflowing landfills. there’s just this drawback of having to laundry the “lampins”, but what the heck. if we couldn’t handle it, we can always go back to disposables. as i said, we would do it in the mornings when, aside from mom and dad, there’s lola, lolo and yaya watching her and can immediately clean her up when she gets wet or soiled. i also bought different kinds of disposables available for us to bring to the hospital. i got those 4-packs in different brands (pro-kids, pampers, huggies and EQ) so we can see if she’s allergic to anything. we also splurged on an avent newborn kit complete with bottles and teats, a chicco sterilizer (there were more expensive items on the market ha), and a safety 1st kit. we figured the last mentioned items would last for quite some time, unlike clothing, so we didn’t mind buying them. we really didn’t want to scrimp on baby but at the same time, we also didn’t want to use up all our savings for when i give birth. several shopping trips followed after that. getting the tub, her earrings (hopefully she’ll get her ears pierced before we go home from the hospital) and other pahabol stuff. it seems like we keep forgetting to buy certain stuff when we’re out. either that, or i just can’t keep myself from going to the baby section whenever we are inside a mall. i couldn’t help but get drawn to those cutie things meant for babies who of course, wouldn’t be able to appreciate them, and would probably only throw up on these anyway.

add to that is my never-ending search for great stuff online. i’ve searched and found so many possibilities. but i still prefer to buy stuff in the malls so that i could immediately look at them and examine them personally. i only gave in to a whim when i saw this great diaper bag from baby couture (which i found eventually in moa). and as disposable diapers are more popular in the philippines, i continually scout for great cloth diapers, especially covers. i am inclined to buy the tushy wushies or thirsties or bummies or kushies. for now, i have this set of enfant / sanggol / curity gauze lampins, and 2 enfant covers.

also, it has taken me several ounces of willpower not to get breastfeeding stuff yet. i like all the contraptions and the accessories that goes with the breast pump. but i would have to buy them when i am sure i can produce milk, for which i am crossing my fingers that i would really be able to do. but desire and physiological make don’t necessarily come hand in hand, which is very unfortunate for me. and so we wait for that day when i see actual milk flowing from me and then off we buy my avent breast pump, which i know will put a serious dent again on our budget. how i wish hubby won that freakin contest where you assemble the pump together and then its yours. unfortunately again, hubby chose to be meticulous rather than fast, so i could only look on mournfully as another couple happily took the gadget home huhuhu.

anyways, toys and learning materials are next on my agenda. (if i can persuade hubby that is.) till next.

3 thoughts on “shopping for the little one

    • i’ve been dilly dallying on this one too. i have a fear like yours. eventually i did get one so i won’t have to think about it when the time comes that i need it.

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