Hello world!

i’m again attempting to set up another blog site where i can post my thoughts, dreams, yada yada. i think it’s really something i’m bad at–pouring my heart out to the world for fear of … well, a lot of things. while many find blogging therapeutic, soothing, empowering, and a myriad of other emotions, i think i’m kinda insecure that my thoughts aren’t as interesting to read as others’. oh well, as people keep on telling me, one really mind what others think of you that much. as long as they aren’t trampling down on you, a few insults or ridicule wouldn’t hurt.

i guess my mind is already full of thoughts that i need to somehow “unleash” them :p they need to be siphoned off. as dumbledore would have it, we may all need a pensieve to sort our thoughts. looking at them from afar would make one see their own experiences with a fresh new outlook. we may discover things that we have not seen before or patterns we may have missed.

a lot has happened in my life in the past couple of years, which i would talk about probably as the days, weeks, months and years go by. i will maybe go back to them and see them from a different angle. no matter how mundane, interesting or painful those times may be, they have all enriched my life, and made me into this crazy, beautiful person (heehee!).

oh, and now i’ve got a really good reason to write beautiful thoughts about. in two months time (or less), i will be personally welcoming and bringing into this world a new and wonderful person. i can hardly wait to see you my darling baby. your dad and i are beside ourselves with excitement! we cannot wait to hold you, and kiss you, and snuggle with you to our hearts’ content. i don’t know what kind of mom i would be. i’m hopeful that i will not be as bad as i imagine i would be. one thing’s for sure though–i will love you like i have never loved anyone in my life, and will protect you with a will beyond words.

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