My own Roman holiday

Giddy that I was able to set foot again in Europe. This must be my favorite continent on Earth, and I would make it my mission to visit as many countries and places as it can offer, even if it takes me a lifetime. For this trip, this lucky made it to Italy and Greece. And what can I say? There is so much to see, I couldn’t drink it all in gulp! I feel like I barely scratched the surface.

Rome, for one, has so much history, one wouldn’t even know where to begin. Home to many of the world’s greatest influencers, — scientists, philosophers, kings, discoverers, artists, politicians — and architectural grandeur, I was such in awe to be in the place where arts, humanities, sciences, religion and political thoughts were conceived and bred. Going around in a 36-hour free time is almost a sacrilege. But this is my own Roman holiday.

My sojourn to the Vatican deserves a separate post.

And there was always cheese and meat! I had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. lol. Seriously, it was cheese heaven, and I almost went berserk trying to get hold of them.

Arrivederci Italy! I hope the coins I threw at the Trevi Fountain would take me back there someday.

Recycling outfits

We seemed to be in such a hurry these days with all the flurry of activities. We didn’t get to prepare much for Maxine’s birthday, and now, we didn’t have time to get her a proper United Nations outfit. Good thing though, her class was assigned the Latin American region, so we just recycled her costume from last year. It fits her well now where before it was loose. The best part is that we saved! Yay!

And this year, I get to watch her perform. Good job baby! Although I almost did a stage mother thing when her classmate kept on blocking her! I itched to push her aside. lol. Thank God for my manners!

Temple of Leah

Because it was Maxine’s birthday two days ago but I had to go to Cebu for work, I flew in and out the city again. It is like killing one’s self–waking up just after midnight, be at the airport before the crack of dawn, do your thing then take the red eye flight at the end of the day. But hey, this time around, I even got to do a quick sightseeing at the one of the relatively new attraction of the city–The Temple of Leah.

The vast structure is a tribute of love of one of Cebu’s wealthiest to his beloved wife. It may be ostentatious to some, but it ensures that that kind of love is never forgotten and forever commemorated. Situated on top of a hill, it offers panoramic views of the city. As soon as one steps into the vast compound, one cannot help but feel the tranquillity and oneness with nature. A trip here guarantees respite from the busy and hectic pace of the city. Reminiscent of Europe’s architecture, it is a portent of things to come for my upcoming trip to Italy and Greece in a few days’ time.

Bonus is two young, great “kids” for company who have so much energy, I forget I’m middle-aged. Haha.

Little Vampirina

Our little ball of sunshine turned four today! She has chosen this year’s theme months ahead, but for once, I was not able to make a career out of planning it. I even hit a little snag with the cake but thank goodness I found a good supplier that delivered well. And I am glad the celebrant loved it!

Happy, happy birthday, sweetie! Thank you for making our lives so much happier and livelier.

A volley-belle

It is not all work at work. For some morale-boosting and scenery-changing experiences, we also hold activities that would hopefully keep stress at bay. This year, one of those is our sportsfest. It is a lot simpler than the previous years when we had a whole gamut of games, including indoor sports. Now, we only had basketball, volleyball and badminton, although held in several best-of games. Proud to be part of our team’s volleyball team and steering it to a championship, yay!

(not my best shot but there you go)

A dose of sanity

They were my rock before, and I am happy that I had the chance last night to spend albeit a little time with them. They’ve seen me at my best and worst, in the darkest hours of my life. I really regret the time that we grow apart over the years (but yeah, that’s life). I so wanted to unload all the pent up emotions I’ve been holding back, but I just can’t. Love you so guys!