Aloha, Matteo!

When you have a baby, it’s really like a top spinning, or time passing by in a whirl of colors. This is all the more true for the family of my cousin, Pam, her husband Chie, and their little Matteo. They’ve waited so long for this gift from God, and since he came last year, it’s like everything is being fast forwarded.

Much like your cousins, Ate Mischa and Ate Maxine, Matteo, you are a blessing to our family. Happy, happy birthday! We super enjoyed your Moana-themed party. Your hosts were so awesome! I love, love, love parties like these.

Art is life

Mischa has shown love and talent for the arts, especially visual, even when she was young. She has graduated from coloring to sketching and painting on a small scale. Both her imagination and her resourcefulness for finding out how to’s have helped her in producing wonderful results. I wish we could send her somewhere (like art class) where she could hone her skills more. These are the latest ones she did:

The Pitstop

During our last trip to Iloilo and Guimaras, we tried one of the specialty restaurants of Guimaras, which has a branch in Iloilo City — The Pitstop. The province of Guimaras is widely known for its sweet, juicy, ripe mangoes. No trip to this island is complete without tasting this coveted fruit. Now, we bought kilos and kilos of mangoes, but we also decided to try this restaurant that offers a pizza that has toppings of, what else, mangoes!

We came at a time when we were super hungry so my expectations were a bit high. Alas! It was sort of a letdown. There was nothing special about it, really. Just seemed like dough with mangoes that are even overpowered by cheese. Thank goodness we were hungry so we still appreciated it, otherwise…

The lechon kawali was a winner, though. I finished a lot of rice with it! The shrimps taste okay but they were the kind that have shells that stick to it like glue.

It was expensive for the kind of food and service, to be honest.


This post in ten years in the making. lol. The family went to Singapore, with a short side trip to Malaysia, months ago. In November to be exact during the kids’ term break. As with family trips that include small kids and senior citizens, it was very, very tiring and challenging, but so fulfilling that we get this chance to spend quality time with each other.

The whole trip involve mainly theme parks and eating at hawker stalls in Singapore. Food is insanely expensive in SG like you wouldn’t believe. But everything else was great because SG is a tourist haven because of the accessibility of the attractions, safety in the streets, and . We were also lucky that Mico had a friend who provided transpo, and invited us to several dinners. ๐Ÿ˜€

It was fun, fun, fun!