Coffee jelly

My social life outside of family has become almost non-existent. As any Gen-Xer would tell you (add being a mother to that), priorities change. Maybe personalities also change. I could definitely say that myself. Before changing nappies, juggling a budget, keeping a household in a surviving condition took over, I was a young girl once who gloried in the company of, not only close friends, but a gregarious extended social group. Now I am reduced to children’s parties, weddings, quiet dinners and once in a blue moon coffee sessions that happen after official events. I don’t know if because I have no choice, or these are the only choices I have. Long gone are my cigarette- and alcohol-toting days. Now I’m lucky to get to know my younger colleagues over a glass of coffee jelly.

Now bottle-less

Hooray for another milestone in our family! We are now officially bottle-less! She did it by herself with just a little prodding. Really my independent baby. Mischa was much older when she weaned from the bottle.

To be honest, I am kind of sad (or just nostalgic). Our days of having babies in the house are fast disappearing. It makes everything easier and cheaper on the one hand, but it still makes me wistful that the kids do not need me as much. Makes me feel older, too.

Dad is 75!

Yay! Thank you Lord for the life you continue to bestow on Dad. Being 75 nowadays is quite a feat. We do ask for more years to be with him. Sorry, I don’t have pictures on the actual day since we had to leave early and then went home late. Of course, I didn’t forget to cook the noodles as tradition.

Oh we are having a long awaited family trip during the kids’ term break! But for now, our simple family get-together will do.

Marven and Giselle

We attended the Church wedding of one of my former staff in Calaruega and Tagaytay City. Theirs was a love story that you could say beat all odds, and which conquered all. It was a plot that screamed telenovela, and I am happy that they could now claim their happy ending, although of course it is far from ending, as they have only just began. Best wishes to you my dears!